e·pilot is a German startup providing cloud-based solution that accompanies energy providers on a journey to digitization. They aim to bring together every player in the energy market to the end customer.


Nakamo.to is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) company, founded in 2017, with a special interest in novel DLT systems, based in Berlin, Germany. The startup focuses on development of DLT solutions as well as research and education.
ChainGo arbeitet mit Blockchain an der Revolution der Frachtschifffahrtvideo

How Does ChainGO Revolutionize the Cargo Shipping Industry

ChainGO provides realistic blockchain solutions to solve the inefficiencies and the burden of dealing with heavy documentation in the cargo shipping industry.
FundRequest Blockchain at StartupTVvideo

FundRequest to Boost the Open Source Community

FundRequest is a marketplace for decentralized open source software collaboration. Users receive monetary and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects.

Tokenization and Trading Platform For the Real Estate Market

Tokenestate offers Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) for real estate funds and builds a marketplace for tokenized Real Estate assets.


Another bike-sharing app has entered the game which is contributing to filling the gaps in the transportation network. BYKE promises lower costs and higher comfort.

The Company That Brings Digital 3D Content to Life

Holo-Light: A software development company which merges the physical and digital worlds together. The company focuses on augmented and mixed-reality solutions on head-mounted displays.

Never Get Lost Again With What3Words

What3words: a more accurate, simpler and easier to remember. The company revolutionizes the way we navigate around the globe. They divided the world into a 3m x 3m grid and assigned each area a specific 3-word address.


A digital assistant that is able to analyze skin and give personal sun protection advices.

Ava Helps Women to Get a Better Understanding of Their Body

The startup Ava has innovated a more modern way for women to track their cycles and their daily health at every phase of their life.

Magnosco Uses Laser Technology and AI to Detect Skin Cancer

The startup Magnosco has developed a procedure to enable a quick skin cancer diagnosis.

Re-Learning a Language is Easier with Memocorby

Many stroke patients and people suffering from dementia experience speech disorder. The digital health startup Memocorby is helping them to re-learn language using a multi-sensory learning tool.