StartupTV is a leading video-news-platform about startups, innovations & new technologies - inspired by entrepreneurs who want to change the world with technology. We produce snackable videos and share them throughout the social media world to make disruptive ideas more visible and understandable for everyone.

Meet the Team

Thomas Brömme

Head of StartupTV

Thomas is Head of StartupTV and founded the multi-publisher-channel in 2016.

Simon Halder

Chief Editor

Simon is the Chief-Editor of StartupTV and responsible for the editorial team.

Alpay Yilmaz

Video Producer

Alpay is video producer and responsible for shootings and post production.

Magdaléna Guráňová

Content Manager

Magdaléna is our content manager and in charge of the English website.

Simon Müller


Simon handling our cooperations and media partnerships.

Greta Janulytė

Office Manager

Greta is in control of all our meetings and always the time keeper.