Vasco: Das Nackenkissen, das das Reisen bequemer macht

Start Traveling with Ease

Traveling can be stressful, exhausting, and uncomfortable. “Each 10th person in the world has neck pain, and after a flight this pain increases” according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The Vasco pillow wishes to make your traveling experience a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.


Common Pains we Suffer From

The Vasco Pillow wishes to solve people’s’ most common pains. These problems include neck pain, sleep disorders, spinal curvature, spinal curvature, headache, tension in shoulders, and stress, fatigue and irritability.


Your Own Personal Massage on the GO

The travel pillow is made up squishy memory foam that easily molds around your neck. Additionally, the pillow includes a rhythmic pattern of massage that replicates a traditional, deep-tissue Shiatsu massage. This massage releases tensions in muscle fibers in the neck as well as relieves stiffness and stress from the neck down to the back. Get to your destination feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the world after stepping off the tarmac.


Get Headaches Often?

“There are over 45 millions of Americans complaining of headaches each year.” Vasco solves this problem by implementing a heating system inside the pillow. This heat system implementation allows blood flow and circulation throughout your body. This blood flow can be beneficial, because while you are on the plane you are sedentary which restricts circulation.

Who are the Creators

The Vasco team was founded by Artur Stelmakh who had launched other successful campaigns for luggage and backpacks via Kickstarter. The main focus of the company is in design, technology, and marketing so they can make products to improve people’s lives.

For more details, check out their campaign on Kickstarter.

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