StartupTV is a leading video news platform producing snackable content about startups, technology, innovation and digital transformation in Europe.

Our Mission

We are inspired by entrepreneurs who want to change the world with technology. Our goal is to make disruptive ideas visible and understandable for everyone.

StartupTV produces news about startups, technology and innovation that happen in Europe. Our videos are produced for the mobile generation and distributed through a network of media outlets that spans around the world.

What we do

StartupTV is not only an online media outlet. With our vast connection to entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, research institutes and other players in Europe, we are eager to build and fortify the European Startup Ecosystem by using our professional knowledge and expertise.

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Meet our dedicated

StartupTV Team

Thomas Brömme

Head of StartupTV

Thomas is the Head of StartupTV who produces entrepreneurial video news about startups, tech and innovation in Europe with his team. He is also the Founder & CEO of iLike MEDIA, a full-service video production company with the focus on the startup ecosystem. Apart from that, Thomas provides professional consulting services that help corporates initiate innovation programs and connect to the startup world.

Lauren Bellenie

Junior Editor

Lauren studied Environmental Science at the University of San Francisco. She worked in insurance billing for a few years in Oakland before moving to Berlin and turning her focus to media and film in 2017. She’s an editor for StartupTV, where she covers financial news, clean energy, and tech for good.

Simon Halder

Production Manager & Chief Editor

Simon studied media management at the Berlin School of Popular Arts. After his graduation he got a taste of the startup world himself and worked for startups in various fields. Simon is editor-in-chief of StartupTV and is mainly concerned with artificial intelligence, the future of mobility and the impact of new technologies on our society.

Woody Donahue

Video Producer

Woody is a video editor and graphic designer originally from San Francisco, USA. He has spent over ten years telling stories through video, and has worked for well-known brands such as Apple, Sephora, and Seeker. As a Junior Producer at StartupTV, he designs the graphic looks for branded formats, edits longer-form videos and operates camera.

Keith Wong

Communication Manager

Keith worked in the media and entrepreneurial sector in Hong Kong and Beijing for 6 years before he moved to Germany. He holds a BA in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong, as well as an MSc in Innovation Management, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship from TU Berlin. Keith oversees communication, event partnerships and social media at StartupTV.

Laura Callegaro

Project Manager

Laura studied International and Intercultural at University of Milano-Bicocca. Recently, she earned her MBA from HWR Berlin. She is experienced in content editing, media relations and record label management. At StartupTV, Laura is responsible for content licensing.