About Us

StartupTV is the leading video-news-platform in the ecosystem and produces snackable journalistic content about startups, innovation and the digital transformation.

Video News

We scan the European startup landscape to capture the spotlights as well as the upcoming stars.


StartupTV is a multi-publisher channel distributing videos through several media outlets.

Startup Scouting

Thanks to our network we help corporates, hubs & innovation programs finding the right startups.

Corporate Consulting

Through our expertise we help corporates becoming a part of the startup ecosystem.

Our Mission

We are inspired by entrepreneurs who want to change the world with technology. Our goal is to make disruptive ideas more visible and understandable for everyone.



With more than 10 years of experience in video production and a focus on the startup ecosystem we saw the need of founding StartupTV.


40 - 60

Every month we produce in average 50 videos about startups and gadgets plus several stories about markets and the ecosystem themselves.


Ø 480.000

Through our several partners and diverse media outlets, we reach around 480.000 video views per month.


Startups Videos

Media consumption is becoming faster and short-lived. Though, at the same time, in time of digital change, the topics are becoming ever more complex. With short and snackable videos StartupTV tries to make new technologies more visible and understandable for everyone.

Liveshows & Confernces

At industry- relevant trade fairs and conferences, we produce various LiveShow formats on site to give viewers an insight into what is happening. We hold expert discussions and give startups a platform to present their products and ideas to the public.


Feature Stories

We pick current topics and future trends and dive deeper into more detail with a technological and social context. In addition, we talk to relevant representatives of diverse backgrounds ranging from the traditional industries to new disruptive startups as well as politics.