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Know Your Friends Recommendations with the Misk App

Are you visiting a foreign city and are annoyed by always searching for a good restaurant? Then maybe the Misk app is something for you!

Baustarter Will Make Building Your Dream Home a Reality

Berlin-based construction tech company aims to make planning and managing of construction projects easy for private customers. They built a powerful platform that guides their clients from the initial idea to moving into their new home.

BYKE: Not Just Another Bike-Sharing App

Another bike-sharing app has entered the game which is contributing to filling the gaps in the transportation network. BYKE promises lower costs and higher comfort.
BeRide gathers various  attractive outdoor activities on a single

Will the Startup BeRide Become GetYourGuide’s New Competitor?

Do you want to travel the world and are you looking for the ultimate travel experience? The startup BeRide brings outdoor activities in Lisbon in one place so visitors can easily enjoy their stay.

Wickedbone Keeps Your Four-Legged Friend Entertained

Have you ever wished to keep your doggo, pupper or a woofer entertained without having to get up from a couch? Lucky for you, there is a solution. Wickedbone is a bone-shaped remote control dog toy for your best friend.

Never Get Lost Again With What3Words the Unique Adressing System

What3words: a more accurate, simpler and easier to remember. The company revolutionizes the way we navigate around the globe. They divided the world into a 3m x 3m grid and assigned each area a specific 3-word address.

A Teenager Who Developed a Smart Application That Cuts on Energy Costs

Some were partying non-stop, others founded their company at 17. Ted Braakman is the founder and CEO of Hero Balancer that adds artificial intelligence to the existing BMS to reduce costs and save energy.
Kleros Blockchain at StartupTVvideo

How to Solve Disputes in an Affordable and Transparent Way

Kleros is a blockchain dispute resolution protocol layer that provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration. Kleros connects users in need of solving disputes with jurors, who have the necessary skills to settle them.
FundRequest Blockchain at StartupTVvideo

FundRequest to Boost the Open Source Community

FundRequest is a marketplace for decentralized open source software collaboration. Users receive monetary and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects.
FlexiDAO Blockchain at StartupTVvideo

How FlexiDao Breaks the Barriers of Distributed Flexibility

FlexiDAO is the first global player to leverage on a hierarchical decentralized IT architecture in residential and commercial demand response.

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