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In this category, we are introducing new and existing European startups that use AR/VR technology. This page offers an overview of the European AR/VR market and unique startup companies disrupting a variety of sectors.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality is now a defining term in the technology industry and in the age of digital transformation. AR/VR describes the computer-aided extension of the perception of reality. Although it can in principle appeal to all human senses, the term primarily summarises the extension of visual perception.

Characteristic of AR/VR is the combination of reality and virtual reality, real-time interactivity and the transmission of further information through graphical overlays. The technology promises intuitive and fast real-time information related to reality. Regardless of operating systems and platforms, a high variety of applications is possible.

The following articles present all the latest news and startups from the world of augmented and virtual reality across Europe. They demonstrate the changing face of technology today through immersion in a virtual reality. You will find European startups that use AR/VR as a learning tool to immerse yourself into the world in which we live, as well as a startup that has produced an augmented reality marketplace, to consolidate all AR content into a single app.