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Discover the latest features and stories from StartupTV. You can find here listicles about the most exciting European startups, documentaries and re-cap videos from the hottest startup events.

Startups are gaining increasing prominence in today’s world. Many cities in Europe are becoming world-leading places to create a business and try to get it off the ground. From a range of fields, startups are changing the face of different sectors with their innovation, design, and technology. As a result, we now have an exciting startup landscape in Europe and worldwide today.

The following features show the top emerging startup companies, as well as the cities that are fast becoming the hub of European startups. For example, we have articles about startupsĀ at the forefront of the digital age, and a feature about how Lisbon is becoming the new European startup hotspot. You can also check out our special live shows such as the one broadcast from IFA 2018 in Berlin.