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In this category, we are introducing new and up-and-coming European FinTech startups. This page offers an insight into the market and exciting startups taking the financial technology world by storm.

FinTech refers to startups and technology companies around digital financial and banking services. Their business models want to further develop, supplement or replace classic banks and financial service providers. 

Customers and their expectations they have from banks are constantly changing. However, traditional banking industry is not able to adapt in the rapidly changing environment and can’t meet the demands of their customers. As  result, many startups try to bridge this gap with their innovative financial products.

As the financial industry is heavily regulated, barriers to entry are high compared to other sectors. FinTechs offer high margins and growth potential compared with already digitized sectors like the retail trade or the telecommunications sector.

This page provides access to articles about new and existing FinTech companies, such as an online business bank for SMEs and startups, and an app that helps you improve your financial status.