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Penta: The Online Business Bank for SMEs and Startups

A German Digital Bank That Eliminates Daunting Paperwork Opening a business account is one of the first things founders do once their business are established....

How to Improve Your Financial Situation With Bonify

Creditworthiness is often a taboo subject in Germany and beyond. Although it makes an important part of our financial lives, many don't even know what it stands for and how to find out what their credit score is.

BABB: The Banking Platform That Aims to Make Traditional Banking Obsolete

Will centralised banks become obsolete in the future? BABB is a blockchain-based banking system which leverages blockchain, AI, and biometrics technologies to provide anyone access to an UK bank account.

This Bank Aims to Make Other Financial Institutions Redundant

Solaris Bank gives clients the ability to build their own banking products with their API accessible banking platform.