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In this category, we are introducing new and existing European food startups. This page offers an insight into the emerging food startup market and showcases the innovative startups at the heart of it.

Food startups are becoming more and more meaningful nowadays. This is because we need to find ways to improve our diet. In times of overpopulation and factory farming, diets must be more resource-saving and more efficient.

The need for sustainable food products or solutions is perhaps greater than ever. Therefore, startups at the forefront of the industry are trying to find ways to bring these solutions into everyday use.

This page provides access to articles about food startup companies. These startups use new technologies to combat the problem of food waste and provide sustainable solutions to this problem. For instance, check out how an online ordering platform provides the correct ingredients for home-cooked dishes, and how a food waste app enables users to rescue surplus food from supermarkets before it goes to waste.