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In this category, we are introducing startups specialising in future mobility. This page offers an insight into the future mobility landscape and the startups working to provide solutions that simplify mobility.

Nowadays, cities are getting larger and more dense in downtown areas. As a result, traffic is getting increasingly congested, and commute times are worsening every year. We therefore need to find solutions to make it easier to get from A to B on a daily basis.

Future mobility is all about what will happen to our transportation needs in the future.

Currently the automotive industry is going through significant and rapid change. For instance, there is huge development on autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, connected cars and car sharing. Experts now view our transportation needs not just as owning a vehicle, but including the complete picture as mobility as a service. This means making the best use of our own car, public transportation, taxis, car sharing and rental cars.

This page provides access to articles about future mobility solutions. Examples include a foldable electric scooter designed to make it easier to travel around dense city centres, voice-control systems enabling safe mobile communication whilst driving, and a startup providing a more simple way of leasing a car, without all the hassle of negotiating with many different dealers.