Parents Can Now Hack Their Way to Sleep with LullaMe

If rocking a baby to sleep is not an easy task for you, the Helsinki-based startup LullaMe offers a solution to improve sleep for the whole family.

Control Your Bed’s Climate with BedJet

Sleeping in a room that’s too hot or too cold can result in poor sleep. One US-based startup aims to erase that dilemma forever.

Zeppy: The Versatile Traveling Sound Buddy

While there are thousands of speaker models available on the market, all fulfilling a variety of different functions, Zeppy is the one that stands out.

1Coach Wearable Device Trains Runners into Running Like a Pro

Sensfusion developed a wearable device designed to improve runners' performance. 1Coach provides users with audio feedback to help them avoid injuries.

Chris: Digital Car Assistant with Artificial Intelligence

We all know that it’s dangerous to text while driving, but most of us do it anyway. German Autolabs developed a device that increases the drivers' safety while keeping users connected.

Laïka Keeps an Eye on Your Dog While You Are Not There

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your dog if you are a full-time worker as a pet owner. With the Laika tool, there is an easy way to track your pet as well as provide your best friend with a nice new chewing toy.

Get to Know The Quality of Air You Breathe

We as humans tend to feel safe at home. That's why indoor air pollution isn't usually monitored, but the truth is, it can often be higher than outdoor pollution. Atmotube is a portable device designed to raise awareness about what's in the air we breathe.

Navatics MITO Aims to Connect the Human and Marine World

Have you ever wondered what's hidden beneath the waves? Navatics MITO is an underwater drone that can explore the water and provide steady 4K footage without having to get your feet wet.

Domio Pro Helmet Allows Riders To Call and to Listen Music on the GO

Domio Sports offers those who enjoy outdoor activities like motorcycling, skiing, and biking the ability of listening to music and voice calling with ease. Their sound system offers high-quality sound with safety so customers are always aware of what’s going on around them.

Looking Glass Factory: A Place Where Imagination Comes to Life

The Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory turned the dream of having holograms in our homes into reality. They introduced a volumetric display that doesn't require any VR or AR headset, allowing creators to view and interact with immersive 3D content in real time.

The AI-Powered Suitcase Ovis Follows You Anywhere

ForwardX has innovated a new way of traveling that offers hands-free and worry-free experience. The company has created the first vision powered suitcase that travels by your side.

Nano Cure Tent is The Impenetrable Tent that Can Repair Itself

Never worry about repairing your tent with duck tape again while out camping. Discover the Nano cure tent that has the ability to self repair small holes and lacerations with just the touch of your fingers.

Wickedbone Keeps Your Four-Legged Friend Entertained

Have you ever wished to keep your doggo, pupper or a woofer entertained without having to get up from a couch? Lucky for you, there is a solution. Wickedbone is a bone-shaped remote control dog toy for your best friend.

Turn Your Walls with Scribit Into Interactive Works of Art

Do you want to give your home a fresh look? With Scribit, you don’t have to repaint your walls. Just choose an artwork, download it and let the robot do the work.

Spice VR Aims to Shape The Future of Storytelling

Spice VR is a Hamburg based startup that takes video watching experience to the new heights. Their created a 360° VR drone that features six cameras and disappears in the footage.
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