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In this category, we are showcasing the best and most recent gadgets. Many of these stem from startups across a variety of different sectors. This page offers an overview of the top startups that are pushing innovation to a new level to produce exciting devices that consumers want to buy.

Gadgets and devices are now a part of everyday life, and that shows no sign of stopping. If anything, our lives are beginning to centre around gadgets to an even greater extent. Startups are leading the way in creating new innovations through advanced technology. Companies design these devices with all manner of things in mind. For instance, these can be for solely entertainment purposes, or to make a difference in society at large.

The following articles and videos show the latest gadgets that are in the process of entering a range of markets. For example, we show a gadget which encourages kids to reduce their screen time, a device which simplifies the process of learning Chinese via a smart speaker, and an AI-powered robot device which disinfects hotel rooms, and much more.