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In this category, you will find information about the GreenTech industry. This includes articles about how new and existing startups are using technology to help build a more environmentally-friendly world.

GreenTech refers to technology that is considered environmentally friendly based on its production process or supply chain. Similarly to CleanTech and energy transition, it also refers to more sustainable and renewable means of energy production.

GreenTech has risen to prominence due to the increasingly negative effects of global warming on the planet. It involves products and services that are less harmful to the environment than more traditional ways of generating energy, such as burning fossil fuels.

Examples of green technology in production include processes to recycle water or waste in the manufacturing process and the installation of energy-efficient fixtures such as LED light bulbs and flush-less toilets. Other green technologies involve sustainable energy such as that generated from solar panels, wind turbines or hydroelectric dams.

Articles on this page showcase GreenTech startups that aim to positively impact the physical state of the earth. For example, companies tackling deforestation in Kenya through sugarcane waste, or using hydrogen fuel to power a cleaner future.