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In our MoneyTalks category, we are providing information on investment in startups from a range of different sectors. This page summarises the latest investment which gives startups the necessary funding to get their ideas off the ground.

Sizeable investment is the necessary step that startups need to realise their ambition and expand on a bigger scale. Through crowdfunding and investment from partners, startups can use the money to grow their product. As a result, startups can expand to such a scale that they can begin to properly make an impact in a certain sector.

From small capital to multi-million euro investments, this category features the most exciting MoneyTalks stories in the startup world.

The following MoneyTalks articles present the latest developments in the investment of startup companies. Here, you will find investment news such as a SaaS banking platform raising €30m in funding. There’s also a story about how a $60m investment is enabling a data analytics company to accelerate its global expansion. We also interviewed the founder and CEO of N26, Valentin Stalf, who told us where the bank in the cloud is headed.