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In this category, we introduce European startups working in the field of smart home and IoT (Internet of Things). This page offers an overview of the smart home and IoT landscape, showing startups disrupting a variety of other sectors.

IoT refers to the networking of many different devices both in industry and in everyday life. We can also refer to the networking of industrial machines as Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet is thus a sub-form of the IoT.

Experts predict that, by 2022, the IoT will be responsible for the networking of one trillion devices.

British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton is believed to be the first to mention the term Internet of Things in 1999. He, among other things, created and co-founded an international standard for RFID (radio-frequency identification) and other sensors.

In his 1991 essay, “The Computer for the 21st Century”, computer scientist Mark Weiser created the vision behind IoT. Although he didn’t use the term itself, he coined the phrase “ubiquitous computing”. This describes the phenomenon of computers moving into all sorts of devices and surrounding us more and more. His thesis at that time predicted that the computers of the 21st century will be so omnipresent that we would not notice their presence at all. Behind this is the idea that real and virtual worlds are increasingly merging and many everyday objects become part of the internet.

The following articles present the latest smart home and IoT innovations in the startup world. For example, an app designed to measure energy consumption of individual devices, an artificially intelligent smart heating system which reduces energy costs in multi-family residential buildings, and much more.