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Have you ever wished to escape the hustle of a busy city life and enjoy the pristine rural countryside after work? You don’t have to wish upon a star anymore – Lilium turns this dream into reality.
With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, traffic management is becoming a problem. However, there are companies working on technology that could leverage the 3rd dimension.
Another bike-sharing app has entered the game which is contributing to filling the gaps in the transportation network. BYKE promises lower costs and higher comfort.
Holo-Light: A software development company which merges the physical and digital worlds together. The company focuses on augmented and mixed-reality solutions on head-mounted displays.
What3words: a more accurate, simpler and easier to remember. The company revolutionizes the way we navigate around the globe. They divided the world into a 3m x 3m grid and assigned each area a specific 3-word address.
Are you dreaming about having a self-driving car, but don’t want to invest tons of money in a new vehicle? BaseTracK technology found a solution that can turn your beloved car into a driverless one.
Bound4blue developed a wingsail technology that promises to reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact on the ecosystem.
RPS is a Radar Positioning System able to locate vehicles with impeccable 1 cm accuracy for an inexpensive, safer and a more precise on-road positioning.
Driven by the sun: Sono Motors introduces an innovative electric car at an affordable price. With its striking design and 330 integrated solar cells, the car is capable of charging its battery from the sun.
My Boo offers a sustainable, practical and stronger alternative to usual aluminum bikes. Within only 80 to 90 hours of handcrafted work a unique bicycle is born in the rural part of central Ghana.

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