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Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas while the viewers can support them with a comment under the video. This week, we are broadcasting from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin introducing 9 promising startups. Check out the video below to learn more.
Domio Sports offers those who enjoy outdoor activities like motorcycling, skiing, and biking the ability of listening to music and voice calling with ease. Their sound system offers high-quality sound with safety so customers are always aware of what’s going on around them.
Have you ever wished to escape the hustle of a busy city life and enjoy the pristine rural countryside after work? You don’t have to wish upon a star anymore – Lilium turns this dream into reality.
Are flying taxis on the brink of take-off? Volocopter introduces a solution to reduce city traffic congestion while saving you time and money.
With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, traffic management is becoming a problem. However, there are companies working on technology that could leverage the 3rd dimension.
ForwardX has innovated a new way of traveling that offers hands-free and worry-free experience. The company has created the first vision powered suitcase that travels by your side.
Another bike-sharing app has entered the game which is contributing to filling the gaps in the transportation network. BYKE promises lower costs and higher comfort.
Never worry about repairing your tent with duck tape again while out camping. Discover the Nano cure tent that has the ability to self repair small holes and lacerations with just the touch of your fingers.
What3words: a more accurate, simpler and easier to remember. The company revolutionizes the way we navigate around the globe. They divided the world into a 3m x 3m grid and assigned each area a specific 3-word address.
Are you dreaming about having a self-driving car, but don’t want to invest tons of money in a new vehicle? BaseTracK technology found a solution that can turn your beloved car into a driverless one.

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