15toGo: Social Travel Platform Connecting Like-Minded Travelers

  • 15toGo is a startup that allows people to travel in organized groups.
  • The first 15 people to book a trip can receive discounts and other benefits.
  • Travelers are able to book trips on the market without facing the middleman.

Traveling can be stressful for many people. Factors such as how to budget, where to travel, where to book the best tours, and who to travel with are some to consider when planning the holiday of your dreams. In some cases, people are afraid to be scammed by a fake traveling company, others feel less secure about traveling with strangers. 15toGo, the startup from Dublin, Ireland, aims to make traveling in groups hassle-free. 

Finding Trips and Friends in One

15toGo developed a decentralized app for group traveling. Many have experienced trouble finding people to travel with and have to pay an unfair amount of money to travel in group trips. On top of that, many travel agents receive a commission 15% to 30% for being the middleman. With 15toGo, they ensure that not only travelers will benefit, but the Local Tour Operators (LTOs) will too.

Users are able to download the free app on their iOs and Android devices, and create their own profiles. They can share their background, travel history and upload pictures. With this, people can feel more secure about traveling with people they have not met before.

Invite Friends and Earn Money

Users can invite friends, build their network and earn 5% of what their friends spent on the platform when they use their referral link. Also, users can to see other profiles, network with them, and potentially book a trip with them.

There are minimum 15 people required to book a trip, while the first 15 will pay a lower price. 15toGo allows users to book trips without interfering the middleman, which ultimately makes it a better deal for both the LTOs and the travelers.

15toGo created their service to make organizing trips in groups more affordable, much safer and easier.

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