60seconds Live Show #09

This week we invited 4 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Youssef Hamm from Housy, Dr. Rasmus Rothe from Merantix, Helen Winter from R3SOLUTE, and Alica Paeske from sPERANTO told us about their products and the problems that they are solving.

1. Housy

Finding an apartment is never easy, but Partner Manager, Youssef Hamm, told us how house-hunting startup Housy has found a simple solution in just three steps. Create a search profile based on what you are looking for and then receive matching apartments according to your criteria directly from landlords. And then, all you have to do is move in to your brand new home.

2. Merantix

Merantix is a pioneering platform for commercialising AI in industry. They conceptualise, build and scale machine learning companies through their unique incubation environment. Founder Dr. Rasmus Rothe came on the show to give us an idea about some of their ventures, which target domains that depend heavily on human decision making to address complex problems, including a system to automate breast cancer screening, a testing platform for self-driving cars, as well as an engine for automated trading.


Non-profit organisation R3SOLUTE specialises in conflict management with a focus on empowering refugees to manage and prevent conflicts in their communities through peer mediation and mental health awareness. Co-Founder Helen Winter told us how R3ESOLUTE aims to accelerate mutual integration of refugee and local communities and the rebuilding of refugee lives, as well as fostering sustainable peace by reducing the social and economic costs of conflicts and maximising the value of constructive debate for individuals, organisations, and communities.


sPERANTO worldwide is a social-artistic initiative, with the focus on personal development through dance and music for ‘at-risk’ youths in Germany and around the world. In cooperation with local cooperation partners, they operate on all continents. Founder, Alica Paeske, told us about how sPERANTO implements projects in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This way, companies have the chance to get involved in solving societal problems in a site-specific environment.

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