60seconds Live Show #01

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Five startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas while the viewers can support them with a comment under the video. Check out and see the innovative products and services from our first 60seconds live show.

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1. AiRelo

For expats moving to Germany, registering their new address will be their first exposure to the German bureaucratic system. While relocating is stressful enough, waiting hours at the local office in Berlin to get the “Anmeldung” is a cherry on top. AiRelo helps newcomers to do their registration in 10 languages and in a fast and secure manner. 

2. Amparo

Based in Berlin, Amparo is planning to deliver help to where it is most needed. Their mission is to offer amputees increased access to modern prostheses in all areas of the world. Their prostheses are engineered with an innovative thermoplastic material that provides comfort and a snug fit. The material can also be remoulded, cutting costs at the clinics. The entire fitting system takes less than an hours and can be done during one appointment.

3. citkar

What will the vehicles of the future look like and will the traffic congestion be bearable? Will people give up their cars? Citkar is a startup that specializes in urban mobility solutions for the future. Their first product is called Loadster – an eCargo bike that should replace the delivery cars of today.

4. Learning by Making

Annemieke Frank explained to us, how they are connecting schools with companies. Learning by Making is building open mobile learning environment with the goal to boost children’s creativity and revolutionize education. They organize coding and maker workshops for children and also mentor teachers introducing them various educational products.

5. Rücken Fit Challenge

For all those who experience regular back pain, the Berlin-based startup RFC-Fitness provides a solution. Just in 6 week, the startup promises that users will achieve long-lasting healthy spine and will be able to enjoy pain-free everyday life. The special feature is that the training plan is designed to suit the individual’s complaints. Additionally, Rücken Fit Challenge is certified by the Central Testing Centre for Prevention (ZPP), which means that costs are covered up to 100% by all statutory health insurance companies in Germany.

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