60seconds Live Show #02

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Five startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas while the viewers can support them with a comment under the video. This week, innovative startups not only from Berlin introduced their ideas. Would you like to know how to fight home food waste? Or how is a German social startup helping young newcomers to integrate easier? Check out the video below to learn more.

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1. CozZo

Are you one of those who go to buy two lemons and come back with three bags, none of which has a single lemon inside? Cozzo developed an app for smart groceries management. It features a catalogue of all groceries we want to keep a track of, – in the fridge and also in the cupboard. It remembers the expiry dates of all groceries and reminds users that it’s time for shopping. The founder’s goal was to reduce home waste and shop smarter.


Every year, hundreds of million of data records are compromised all around the world. MADANA developed a platform for data analysis that uses Blockchain technology. The startup claims they protect their users’ privacy and makes their data work for them. Their PAX token Pre-Sale started on September 1st, 2018.

3. ParkPalet

The startup based in Istanbul, Turkey, built an on-demand warehouse marketplace. Whether just for a few days or whole season, ParkPalet helps companies to find a warehouse to store their products. Users pay only for the time and space they need, avoiding high rental costs. In addition to that, warehouses can earn extra money from their unused space.

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