60seconds Live Show #04

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas while the viewers can support them with a comment under the video. This week, we are broadcasting from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin introducing 9 promising startups. Check out the video below to learn more.

1. Gearrilla

Gearrilla is a platform for sharing outdoor equipment and connecting like-minded people. They aim to bringing the Airbnb experience to the outdoor community. People can rent outdoor equipment and try out various outdoor sports without having to buy expensive gear.

2. FinMarie

FinMarie is a wealth management platform made by women for women. They offer complete assessment of women’s financial situation and the startup also helps them to reach their financial and investment goals.

3. Trippo

With Trippo, travellers can plan and manage their trips easily, with just making screenshots. It brings all of the points of interest and important information in one place, including friends’ recommendations or WhatsApp messages.

4. TestCard

TestCard embedded digitally-enabled urine diagnostic test in a postcard. Their smartphone app allows people to scan the card and give them immediate results from the privacy of their homes. They are targeting people without access to healthcare or those who simply aren’t confident to visit a doctor.

5. Cooltec

This Polish startup is helping men to become fathers. Cooltech developed an app and a wearable testicle cooler that keeps the optimal temperature of the testicles for men to be fertile.

6. V2X Network

V2X Network is a startup that developed a blockchain-based platform that offers developers access to decentralized data. They connect the data pool that’s being produced by connected cars with the developer space. Those data could be used for smart city planning, marketing or even usage-based insurance.

7. Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprints looks at human computer interaction and based on that, the startup creates machine learning models that reflect individual’s behaviour. This could prevent account takeover and pave the way for a passwordless future.

8. SmartGuide

The Czech startup SmartGuide turns individual phones into a travel guide. They combine the official tour recommendations with crowdsourced content. It allows anyone with a quality content to helps travellers have a unique experience.

9. Softcube

The startup Softcube is building an AI that automatically sources, optimizes and creates video ads. They take the best looking clips from YouTube and create engaging product videos that show the product in use.

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