1 . Cool Beez

    CoolBeez helps book influencers to share book recommendations by creating links to online bookstores. When books are bought, the influencer and the buyer get commissions and a some percentage goes to charity. Since users get the recommendation from someone they know, this recommendation is relevant and reliable and solves the problem of choice.

    2. SourcingBot

    Ran Oren, the founder of SourcingBot, explained us how their search engine for electronic components connects distributors and engineers who are looking for the right parts for their design. Using their lab measurement and prediction models, they are able to compare parts and advise customers which parts are replaceable at a specific operating point.

    3. Mitte

    Mitte is a smart home water system that turns tap water into mineral water. It works in 2 simple steps: first, it purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method. Then, Mitte makes the water not only pure but also healthy by enhancing it with essential minerals.