60seconds Live Show #07

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas whilst the viewers can also share their views by adding a comment under the video. This week, we showcase four exciting food and drinks startups from Berin. Check out the video below to learn more.

1. frufree

Hedwig Trottnow, the founder of frufree, introduced the fructose and lactose-free chocolate product designed for those who suffer from fructose intolerance. Using selected cocoa from Colombia, the chocolatiers at frufree work to produce high-quality chocolate that everyone can enjoy. he lactose-free milk is processed by Bavarian farmers, ensuring a fair and sustainable milk price of 40 cents per litre. What’s more, they come in six different flavours and seasonal shapes and sizes.


Every day, we are throwing away 3 billion plastic straws. Johannes Arning told us more about their sustainable solution to that problem. HALM is a straw made out of glass that is made with solar energy, and it is both hygienic and tastes 100% neutral. With 50% of its revenues, HALM supports projects with the aim to increase plastic avoidance.

3. kukki

Kukki is the first ready-to-drink cocktail which already comes with ice cubes and fresh fruits inside. The cocktails include only the best juices, fruits, spirits and ice to create cocktails that last up to 18 months at freezing temperature, Andy Romanowski explained how they make kukki cocktails. In addition, kukki is free from any artificial colours and preservatives. All you have to do is shake the bottle, and you have yourself a delicious cocktail in no time.

4. Xian Tea

Xian Tea offers loose tea directly from tea farmers in China & Taiwan. Dorina Leititis told us how Xian Tea aims to make people more aware of the tea trade and to support regional sustainable cultivation methods. The brand’s motto, ‘tea is the answer’, encompasses their vision of a more transparent tea trade, starting with the exchange with the farmers, to the education of tea drinkers themselves.

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