60seconds Live Show #08

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas whilst the viewers can also share their views by adding a comment under the video. This week, we showcase three exciting startups from Berlin. Check out the video below to find out which ones are here.

1 . biotx.ai

Clinical datasets are often difficult to analyze using standard reported machine learning approaches, due to their small samples and many features.

Head of Business Development, Krishnaveni Vijayanand, told us how the startup biotx.ai provides highly sophisticated AI machine learning used for biomedical drug development by identifying significant patterns in biomedical datasets.

2. conichi

After many business trips, co-founders Maximilian Waldmann and Frederic Haitz saw an opportunity to create a technology solution that speeds up the hotel check-in/out experience which resulted in the founding of conichi in 2014.

Smarthotel by conichi is a solution that removes complications from checking in and out of hotels. It also provides business travelers a fully digital arrival and departure process, for a modern, secure and seamless stay.

3. Zuper

Keeping track of your money can be time-consuming, inconvenient and boring. With all your bank accounts in one place, automation, gamification, and intelligent budgets, Zuper takes care of it all.

Leitha Matz, COO at Zuper, tells us how the AI-driven financial coach helps users learn how to use money properly, gain full control over accounts, and improve their financial health.

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