60seconds Live Show #13

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas whilst the viewers can also share their views by adding a comment under the video. This week, we showcase four exciting startups from Berlin. Check out the video below to find out which ones are here.

1. Battle4.Me

Battle4.me aims to revolutionize influencer marketing by turning real life people into brand ambassadors. Tobias Dierks, the co-founder of Battle4.me, told us more about their social media marketing tool that they had built for consumer-focused businesses.

Young users create a buzz around products and services through entertaining videos. They provide companies with fresh marketing ideas and generate an ample number of customers for them. In return, they can compete for various prices including food, tickets, luxury products and more.

2. Better@Home

For many people, their own home means security, familiarity and positive human relationships and experiences. Yet today, 3.4 million people in Germany are already being cared for at homes that often aren’t barrier-free or adjusted for their age. Better@Home’s co-founder & CEO, Prof. Dr. Arno Elmer, told us about Better@Home‘s solutions for age-appropriate living from a single source, combining sensors, software and services.

3. LiveEO

Sven Przywarra, the co-founder and COO of LiveEO, introduced their tool for analysing satellite data to monitor large scale infrastructure grids. Their solutions empowers operators of oil and gas pipelines to prevent damage from elevation changes, to protect grids from interference by predicting outside influences and ti help railway companies to keep the trains running.

4. Standups.io

Juan Pincheira, founder & CEO of Standups.io, introduced their solution for running daily standup meetings for remote teams. They do so by using short video messages, which helps remote employees stay informed and engaged on a daily basis. Employees can see and share their video updates from anywhere, and from any time zone in the world.

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