60seconds Live Show #14

Each Friday, StartupTV broadcasts live from Berlin. Startups have the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas whilst the viewers can also share their views by adding a comment under the video. This week, we showcase four exciting startups from Berlin. Check out the video below to find out which ones are here.

1. Epicinsights

Epicinsights is a Smart Data Unit helping e-commerce businesses and digit digital marketers to drive actionable insights from their data. Their Predictive Analytics Platform, epicAI, combines unique ontology-tracking with machine learning. Michael Mörs, the founder of epicinsights, told us about his mission to “build a relevant, individualized user journey based on anonymous user behavior data in order to get the right content to the right user in the relevant time”.

2. HRForecast

HRForecast aims to revolutionize the HR industry by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The startup wants to answer classical questions of HR management in a new way using the power of data. Furthermore, they want to change the way companies manage their workforce and tackle strategic challenges pulling out the full potential of their data.

HRForecast helps companies to realize the full potential of their employees by tapping into the  vast amount of data produced. Among other things, HRForecast aims to prevent the closure of businesses, help them digitize and establish gender diversity with their solution.

3. Smart Wins Technologies

Residential leakages cost German insurance companies more than 2 billion euros a year. The Berlin-based startup, Smart Wins Technologies, developed Waterminator – a non-invasive intelligent leakage protection system. The system consists of a sensor, a valve, an app, and a unique cloud algorithm. In case of leak, the app warns a user with an SMS while the valve prevents the potential damage.

4. The Arc

Astrid Schrader, the founder of The Arc, has been working as a trainer and a coach since 2006. With “The Arc” she and her team have found a way how to change people’s lives in a 3,5 days Bootcamp. They ask and answer questions like: What fear is holding you back when it comes to building impact through work that fulfils you? And how can you turn your talents, passions and values into something that sweeps you off your feet? The participants should leave the bootcamp with a clear sense of what to do next and join in on a coaching process for 3-6 months to implement their vision.

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