7 Exciting Startups from Milan, Italy’s Biggest Startup Hub

With the help from Italia Startup, an association that promotes the culture of entrepreneurship in Italy, StartupTV team had the chance to interview the local startups. We talked about the pros and cons of founding a business in Italy and learned about the Milan startup scene.


Travel tips are usually not tailored to one’s preferences and often leave travellers disappointed. Citynsider built a community that knows the users, and allows them to share tips with each other. Besides, locals can easily become insiders and offer tips to other passionate travellers.

Altheia Science

Founded by renowned Italian scientists, Alessandra Biffi and Paolo Fiorina together with technology transfer companies AurorA-TT, Altheia Science set out to develop cures for type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. They’re expecting to initiate the first clinical trials in 2.5 years.


Lanieri runs an e-commerce that offers high-quality suits for men who want to save time. In just a few simple steps, everyone can design their own custom-made suit. Their proprietary algorithm synthesizes the experience of a professional tailor and can predict other measurements for a perfectly fitted suit.


Streamix is a Milan-based startup aiming to make live streaming with multiple devices easier and more professional. They developed a distributed cloud platform for streaming live multi-camera videos from all around the world using WiFi or 4G connection.

Genenta Science

Started as spin-off from the San Raffaele hospital in Milano, Geneta Science turned from a preclinical to a clinical company. The startup focuses on treating very aggressive cancers and plans to start clinical trials in the first quarter of 2019.

Is Clean Air

Is Clean Air is a Milan startup that spent more than 7 years researching technologies to combat air pollution. Their products use water instead of filters and literally wash out the polluted air. With 12 patents and trademarks, Is Clean Air developed a solution for cleaner air in cities of tomorrow.


Are you running an eCommerce business? Zakeke offers merchants an easy solution for 3D product customization. The cloud service allows customers to tailor their products to their preferences with real-time preview.


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