8 Human Resources Startups that Embraced the Digital Transformation

Companies as a whole are becoming digital, and there is no area in Human Resources that remains untouched by the digital revolution. HR has become strategic through "people analytics" and companies are focusing more on the motivational components. There are also new exciting solutions to helping companies and applicants to find the right match. We are happy to present 8 HR startups we interviewed in cooperation with our partner Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne, the leading ExpoEvent around the world of work.

Volunteer Vision

Volunteer Vision is a Munich-based startup that provides young female professionals with a digital mentor who trains them in relevant work-related and social skills. This is beneficial also for the mentor who develops digital skills and grows personally. Currently, participants are located in over 20 countries and are of more than 40 nationalities.


Berlin-based HeavenHR provides a cloud-based HR solution that allows businesses to focus more on other tasks. From payroll to recruiting, all HR processes can be easily managed within one platform. According to deutsche-startups.de, the startup has raised 10 million euros from Allianz in Q4 2018.


Humanoo is a Berliner-based health-tech startup incubated by Rocket Internet venture builder. The startup offers personalized exercise programs, nutritional tips and relaxation offers. By promoting exercise, the startups wants to reduce absenteeism in a workplace and improve employee health and motivation.


Many retirees wish to still continue working and maintain their standard of living. The Austrian human resources startup WisR developed a platform that focuses on matching motivated retirees who want to stay active with companies that look for skilled workforce.


MoBerries built an AI-powered HR network providing a win-win solution for both companies and HR managers. All member companies contribute to the shared talent pool and in exchange receive applications from pre-selected candidates that match their requirements.


Crunchr, the startup from Amsterdam, developed six apps that turn employee data into useful insights to improve company performance. By measuring employee’s preferences, businesses are able to not only attract new applicants, but also motivate their employees to stay in the company.


Employee training courses are often time-consuming, boring, and don’t promote the retention of information. Knowingo aims to change that with its intuitive mobile game for employees. Just 3-4 minutes of using the Knowingo learning platform each day should keep the job-related knowledge at around 85%.


Jobpal is a Berlin-based company that developed an AI-powered chatbot designed to speed up the recruitment process as a whole. People of all levels of interests can start interacting with the company chatbot and create a relationship even before applying. Plus, the chatbot is available, 24/7.

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