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Atomico’s Report on Diversity in VC Funding, and Why Does it Feel Like We’re Going Backwards?

It’s no secret that VC funding has a diversity problem. In the State of European Tech 2019, Atomico and other leaders in the industry give us hard facts about diversity in European venture funding.

Excitement as Robolab Launches Yanu, an AI-Controlled Bartender that Solves Crammed Nightclub Problems

It's easy to blame a bartender for mixing the wrong cocktail, but no one can dispute the fact that being a bartender in a... to Provide Private and Secure In-Home Deliveries with AR/VR

Historically, in-home deliveries lack privacy and safety. As a result, ensures safe and secure in-home deliveries based on AR/VR. It detects anomalies...

Lumos: Simplifying Street Safety for Cyclists

The best way to ride safely is to be proactive about it. Lumos smart bike helmet can help you with that. Designers added an...

White Fund – a Belgian Early Stage Fund – Takes Off with €20 Million to Invest in MedTech Startups

Liège-based White Fund is has announced the launch of its €20 million fund, with the hope of raising an additional €10 million in a couple months time.

Startup Ideas

Agritech Startup Plantix Joins Farmers in the War Against Pests and Plant Diseases

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, '20 to 40 percent of global crop production is lost to pests. Each year, plant diseases cost the global economy around $220 billion, and invasive insects around US $70 billion.' To save cost and preserve crops, PEAT has come up with a brilliant solution called Plantix.

Voiceitt Makes Speech Recognition Technology Accessible for All

Voiceitt, a startup company based in Israel and the United States, has come up with the software for introducing the world’s first speech recognition technology designed to understand non-standard speech.

A Year in Investments: UK Leads as Europe Celebrates a Striking Increase in Capital Investments

Using the data compiled by Atomico, we’re going to analyze the increase of investment returns from European tech companies, the regions and industries that contributed to this growth over the past five years, and the future of Europe’s tech industry.