Automate Your Curtains with Switchbot 

Comfort is the basis of technology and Switchbot is taking technology to another level — automated curtains. Instead of replacing your old curtains you can make your home smart quickly and easily by automating it with this handy gadget. 

Besides comfort, Switchbot gives old and disabled people full control over their homes. Installing Switchbot would keep them healt hy and safe. It can be controlled via phone app or voice assistants, such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri. Also, the device has a ‘touch and go’ feature, which allows it to draw the curtain automatically when a person attempts to draw the curtain themselves.

The company began in 2016 when it launched the first Switchbot — an easy-to-install tiny robot which automates various home features. The robot can turn lights on and off, adjust climate control systems and many other tasks. The startup’s target consumer is people who want to update their homes for safety and convenience but need it done swiftly or for a smaller budget.

Switchbot is an affordable and effective alternative to smart curtains, which are sold for $1000 or more. Unlike other smart curtain solutions, this product is compact and supports all curtains. The wireless smart curtain solution works perfectly with U-rail, I-rail, and rod types. The company launched its Kickstarter for the product in November 2019 and has now raised over $600,000 from 3,753 backers. 

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