Berlin-Based e-Scooter Startup Raises €45 Million Series A

The e-scooter startup Wind Mobility has landed a €45 million investment in its Series A Round, led entirely by existing investors. The funding comes just 8 months after the startup raised €19.2 million to launch its e-scooters internationally. The existing investors involved in the financing round were HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and the Chinese VC Source Code Capital.

Breeze Through the City

As with other e-mobility startups, Wind’s scooters are accessible via an app – available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can unlock, park, and pay for the dockless scooters through the mobile app, with prices starting from €1 per use.

However, unlike most other e-scooter companies, Wind uses replaceable batteries in its scooters. This way, the scooters don’t have to be transported and charged at night, reducing CO2 emissions and maintenance costs. The startup also plans to use IoT technology to update its scooters remotely.

With its eco-friendly scooters, Wind aims to make cities a better place, by reducing traffic, carbon dioxide emission and noise.

International Expansion

Originally founded in 2017 as a bike sharing company in Frankfurt, the startup has ridden the wave of the growing e-scooter industry. Now, Wind plans to use the fresh capital to continue its international expansion, and roll out the third generation of its scooter.

After eight months of development, the Wind scooter has been redesigned to include features such as a smart swappable battery solution, and an improved battery life with the ability to drive 65km – 80km between charges. Alongside the new scooter, Wind will soon be unveiling a new brand identity to enhance its visual appeal to customers.

Currently, Wind employs over 120 people worldwide, including at its own R&D centre in China. The company is operational in over 20 cities worldwide, including in Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Austria, Portugal, Demark, Korea and Japan.

Eric Wang, Founder of Wind Mobility, said: “This latest round of investment will play a pivotal role in the future of Wind Mobility, as well as the future of e-scooters in the wider mobility ecosystem. “Our focus is on unit economics, and hardware and sustainability is one of the factors that sets us apart. We are very excited about the micro mobility and the long term potential of the industry.”


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