Trade Various Assets in One Transaction

It usually takes minimum of three to five transactions and additional fees to trade one asset for another. AbacasXchange allows their customers to exchange e.g. AAPL stock for BTC in just one transaction. The company uses blockchain technology in order to build the universal asset exchange. The solution should reduce a great deal of the transaction costs as well as improve liquidity and reduce risk.


How Does it Work?

All transactions in the exchange are posted on a public ledger which can be viewed by anyone. Tradable assets need to be tokenized into digital asset tokens which then can be traded via AbacasXchange. Abacas tokens represent the “real” base assets. They are created when the assets are deposited into custody and liquidated when assets are withdrawn. Investors trade Abacas Tokens on the exchange for other Abacas Tokens. When orders are matched, the transactions are recorded and the Abacas ledger is updated.

The Company Vision

AbacasXchange has a simple objective – to allow any client to divide any asset including art, securities, real estate into affordable fragments. Additionally, their goal is to let people trade them directly and securely for any other asset. In other words, their clients will be able to make any purchase in any currency their vendors accept. From gold and BTC to GOOG and EUR.

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