FundRequest to Bring the Open Source Initiative to Blockchain

Many communities, corporations and even governments benefit from the open source software. This collective innovation is a vital component in functioning of many organizations. However, developers aren’t properly incentivised to fix bugs on open source projects. They often don’t have interest in such tasks, in many cases due to poor user experience.

A project needs to build something more than just a hype to be sustainable and last 3-5 years in this fast-paced environment.

FundRequest is a gig economy software that created a marketplace for a decentralised open source software collaboration. Users receive monetary and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects.

The company uses smart contracts that reward developers for solving an issue. If project owner needs to fix a bug, he posts an issue on the platform. Then he adds a monetary reward in either ERC20 tokens or fiat currency that has a stable coin equivalent. The funds are transferred to the solver of the issue once it’s successfully delivered. 

FundRequest provides issuers with an easy to use application to reach open source developers active on GitHub and other platforms. It allows everyone to fund projects across the open source space. In result, it accelerates growth and provides a democratic system that reflects what users really want.

Company Vision

FundRequest’s vision is to create an open source platform which is developed, maintained and governed by its community. They aim to boost the open source development and reward contributors in a fair and transparent way. 

FundRequest uses their tokens as an incentive to gather and grow the development community. As a result of that, they also support the token economy. In 2018 FundRequest has announced a partnership with Indorse.

Who Are the Founders?

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, the company was founded by Karel Striegel—a certified Linux systems engineer. He discovered the problem while using open source software and was unable to find a suitable solution in the market.

The CTO of FundRequest, Davy Van Roy, was previously the managing partner of C4J a software consultancy firm. Furthermore, the COO, Gerbert Vandenberghe, has years of experience as domain architect building complex software systems. Lastly, Tim Dierckxsens is the CSO with years of experience dealing with executives, domain managers, project leads and IT developers.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.