How to Get Into Real Estate Investing With Tokenestate?

Real estate is the world’s largest investment market, accumulating around 217 billion dollars, but at the same time, fraught with obstacles. These obstacles include middlemen, fees, inefficient procedures in traditional businesses, and high entry barriers. Thanks to blockchain technology, these market limitations could potentially become more easy to manoeuvre around.

Tokenestate is a global, specialized, legal and compliant real estate tokenization and trading platformIt was among the first ICO issuers as well as first of its kind in Switzerland. Tokenestate has opened real estate investment for everyone, with no minimum investment size or duration.

How it Works

The startup provides market-making and price convergence on all listed real estate tokens. It makes it easy for anyone to diversify a part of their savings into real estate. All it takes is just a few taps on your phone thanks to removing most intermediaries from the value chain.

Investors get easy access to a stable asset class, which previously had high entry barriers and expensive fees. The funds get global access to capital for less fees in a stable, legal and technological framework.

Company Vision

The founders aim to make Tokenestate the number one platform in Europe for real estate investment. “Today, there is no platform offering international investment to retail investors at a reasonable price.” said Aleksandra Duda.

We will become the “go to app” for millennials who would like to build a saving for their future.

In three years, the company plans to expand in Asia and the US to further develop their brand. An additional goal is to generate $35 million revenue within 5 years, which means tokenization of $1 billion real estate assets.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.