CareerFoundry: Helping People Find a Career They Love

Are you wanting to change your career path but are a bit scared to go through this life changing step? CareerFoundry wants to be a helping hand to individuals who want to change their career into the web design sector. They offer various courses in UX Design, UI Design, and Web Development and provide students with tutors, mentors, and experts that will help them through the courses as well as helping them find a job after graduation.

Time for a Change?

Are feeling stuck and uninspired at your current job and want to do something new with your career? Some of us constantly question ourselves if we are in the right line of work wishing to do something else. Something that inspires them a bit more when they wake up in the morning. So if you are someone who is thinking about changing careers in search of something greater, CareerFoundry may be an option to help you through the process if you are interested in web design. The site offers courses in UX Design, UI Design, and Web Development.

How it Works

All of the courses users take are online within the 6-10 month course-specific duration. Users will have ongoing support from a mentor and tutor to keep you on the right path. First, they have divided the courses (either UX Design, UI Design, Web Development) into basic topic sections called “Achievements” and based it on  skills you will need on the job. Next, within each “Achievement” will be a series of exercises that includes reading materials and learning resources like videos and worksheets.

Then, after working on an exercise, you will complete a task where you immediately get to apply what you have just learned. After submitting your task, users will get feedback and an ongoing portfolio review from an industry expert. To mention, if users have any questions during their exercise they can get helped from a personalized industry professional.

Lastly, they update your course on a weekly basis according to industry trends, current job needs, and user feedback. If you have a busy schedule, CareerFoundry allows you to build your course schedule each week around your busy life.

Job Guarantee

CareerFoundry acknowledges that making a career change is difficult. So, they have developed a job guarantee and job preparation course to help users successfully transition into their new career. CareerFoundry will help users land a job within 6 month of graduating or they will get their money back. As well, they offer a job preparation course that will take you through the various steps you need to for looking for your new job. Users will have access to a personal career specialist who will give you feedback on your applications as well as your interviews.

You will not be alone in this process! CareerFoundry’s platform allows users to have access to the tools you may need on the job. You have the ability to try out a variety of tools to see what works best for you, through the various free trials and special discounts available to the students.

CareerFoundry’s Vision

At CareerFoundry, they are motivated in helping people find a career they love. The company was founded in 2014 in Berlin, by Raffaela Rein. Having much experience launching companies like Rocket Internet and Axel Springer, she saw huge need for professional training for our current digital age. She then responded by launching CareerFoundry. The company has raised $6.4 million and in convertible note funding stage.

For more information, check out their website or Facebook page.

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