ChopBox Makes Cooking Easy

Slice off the time used looking for kitchen equipment, such as knife sharpeners, timer, scale, cutting boards, and sanitiser by purchasing the ChopBox- the ultimate cooking accessory.

With ChopBox, you can cut carrots on one cutting board and use the second removable surface to cut meat; weigh ingredients and food items on the 6.6 gram scale beside the main cutting surface; stick to time, using the 9-hours kitchen timer; sanitise your knives with 254 nm UV, which is safe for home-use; and sharpen 3 knives at once. Also, the removable cutting surfaces can be used to serve food at parties.

The external part is made of 100% organic bamboo, which is waterproof and durable. ChopBox can handle the work of ten cooking accessories seamlessly, saving space and time. Though the multipurpose cutting boards is durable, its parts can be easily replaced when faulty.

The tool is funded through Kickstarter. It is available for pre-order now via the campaign.

Points to Note

  • ChopBox is designed with a 254 nm UV sanitiser that destroys every bacteria present on your knives.
  • ChopBox has two cutting boards. One is removable and can be used to serve food at parties or at home.
  • The bamboo material covering ChopBox products is waterproof and well-polished.
  • A regular kitchen timer lasts for about one hour while ChopBox timer, which is located beside the main cutting surface can last for 9 hours, making it a better alternative for lengthier meals.
  • ChopBox knife sharpeners can sharpen both ends of three knives at once.

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