Coinify Secures and Simplifies the Pathway to Virtual Currencies

  • FinTech startup Coinify offers two-way virtual currency services for both businesses and individuals.
  • The Danish FinTech firm simplifies the process of adopting virtual currencies.
  • The Coinify platform provides trading in various virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Adopting financial innovation is an important aspect of modernising a business, whether that be big or small, public or private. FinTech startup Coinify from Denmark enables its users to do this by offering two-way virtual currency services for both businesses and individuals.

The Coinify team has strong backgrounds in payments, finance, risk, e-commerce, and compliance along with experience working with digital currencies in blockchain technology.

The Gateway to Virtual Currency Payments

Coinify helps take you and your business into the future with its virtual currency payment platform that secures and simplifies the entry into the virtual currency space. Their FinTech product connects traditional and new payment methods which allows payment service providers to expand their portfolio of alternative payment methods with 15 different virtual currencies, including the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Coinify Payments for Marketplaces enables marketplaces to expand their payments ecosystem and offer more choices for their PSPs, acquirers and merchants. As a marketplace, you can add value to your payment solutions and your clients by offering global, flexible and compliant blockchain payments.

With Coinify Invoices, you advance your accounting with blockchain payments by invoicing a customer easily in bitcoin and other virtual currencies – and then you have the choice whether to receive payouts in your preferred local currency straight to your bank account or in virtual currency.

Even if you don’t hold any virtual currencies yourself, you can still let your merchants accept virtual currencies. Coinify handles all the local currency-to-virtual currency processing to make the transition easier.

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