Control Your Bed’s Climate with BedJet

  • BedJet is a climate control system for your bed.
  • Dual zone setup lets partners sleep in different temperatures.
  • They’re currently funding their third version on Kickstarter.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of human health, but factors like temperature can make it difficult to get enough rest. The inability to get uninterrupted sleep has been linked to medical conditions like heart disease and depression. BedJet aims to change the way that people sleep by making it easier to control the climate of their bed.

BedJet: The Climate Control System for Your Bed

Born on Kickstarter in 2014 in the United States, BedJet is the first quick cooling, heating, and climate control system for your bed. It is a top-of-bed dual zone climate comfort system using a sheet component.

Its biorhythm temperature technology takes into account your sex, age, and body type. This creates a customer sleep temperature profile customized for each user, helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

BedJet’s sensors also take into account any changes in bedroom temperature in the night, making adjustments accordingly. This could also save money on heating or cooling your house at night. With BedJet, you can control the climate under the covers, saving energy and money.

BedJet can cool you off within 10 seconds and heat the bedding of a king size bed in only 180 seconds. Additionally, this product features a dual zone setup, which allows users to cool one half of the bed and heat the other half. This makes it easy for partners to sleep comfortably together without having to fight over the thermostat.

Changing and Innovating

The company has rolled out new updates to its product since its inception in 2014. BedJet is now in crowdfunding for its third version. BedJet 3 is upgraded with WiFi connectivity for Alexa voice control and other smart home integrations. The newest version can also replace your noisy alarm clock, using your biorhythm to wake you up gently.

BedJet’s Success

BedJet has already achieved great success in the 4 years since the first version was released. They have been the top customer-ranked product for staying cool in bed on Amazon.

Maybe you also belong to the 50% of couples who disagree over bedroom temperatures, or maybe not. However, since we spend third of our lives in bed, sleeping should be comfortable.

Home Gadgets Control Your Bed’s Climate with BedJet

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