Memocorby Helps Patients With Communication Problems

Each year in Germany, approximately 250.000 people suffer a stroke. If the stroke occurs in the left side of the brain, it often causes aphasia, which is a disturbance of language use. With aphasia, the person has troubles understanding or expressing language, which can be frightening and frustrating.

Studies show that 80% of stroke patients and patients with speech disorders do not continue speech therapy after they are discharged to their homes.

How it Works

The startup Memocorby has signed up to simplify the language re-learning at home. It provides doctors and patients with a multi-sensory and multilingual digital tools. Memocorby is also designed for children and adults with language problems and for people suffering from dementia.


The product consists of five to ten cubes, a tablet and an app for the language therapy activities. To make re-learning easier, the set also includes a vocabulary with about 2000 words and illustrations for the therapies. Patients can also carry out the necessary exercises together with their attending physician via internet.

To learn more about Memocorby, check out their website or Facebook page.


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