E-Commerce Startup Springlane Raises 10 Million Euro In a Series C Round

The company Springlane has raised 10 million euro in a series C round. Their new investors include the SUBG Group and the Apeiron investment groups.

Ever since the company was founded in 2012, they focused their content around food. Whether they post recipes or cooking tips on their blog or they sell kitchen supplies, it’s all about food. From foodies for foodies, the company believes that food can connect and bring people together.  

Within their 4 brands, springlane produced over 100 self-made products. Their brands are Springlane Kitchen, Burnhard, Kitchen Crew and K&G since 1948. 

Springlane’s Business Models

The Düsseldorf based e-commerce company used to sell and use multiple products of renowned third-part brands. After they suffered a few losses, they changed their business model in 2018. Their latest profits come from their switch of using and selling their own huge range of named products, including kitchen appliances, grills, kitchen accessories, crockery, and table accessories. 

At the moment they only ship their products to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now they plan on investing into their business internationally and on expanding into new business fields.

“We will use the capital in order to develop new business fields and advance innovation,” said the company’s founder, Marius Fritzsche. “Our deep understanding of the industry and our customers enables us not only to develop our own products and brands, but also to market them effectively and efficiently. This is the logical further development of the business model.”

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