FarmCloud: Real-Time Management Solution for Livestock Farming on a Big Scale

  • AgTech startup FarmCloud has created a real-time management solution for universal livestock farming.
  • Gather information from several farms in real time, and control the data from a single cloud platform.
  • FarmCloud enables farmers to perfect and optimise the production process.

Nowadays, we are seeing global concentration in all business markets with small producers and manufacturers being replaced by big companies. With livestock farming, it is no different. Big producers have several farms in several different locations, but struggle to manage each farm with standardised processes and decisions.

The FarmCloud solution enables the modification of existing equipment, with emphasis on climate and feed computers. It gathers real-time information and making it available in a central database and controlled from a cloud platform in real time.

FarmCloud infographics showing three pigs and four ducks explaining gprs communication.

See Progress, Set Notifications and Receive Alerts

Information from all of your farms is gathered in real time, and data is kept safe and available in a single cloud platform, where it can be controlled and analysed. Having access to information, both real-time and historical, from any farm in a single application allows for constant and easy benchmarking across all production infrastructure.

The FarmCloud has features such as the report builder, where you can analyse the data in-depth and watch how your farms progress over time. It also provides different user access levels, which allow you to grant access to all your collaborators and distribute information to the whole of the company infrastructure.

Special notifications can also be set to notify you of any abnormalities in the behaviour and results of the data. The alarm wizard allows alarm setting for each piece of equipment and their operating parameters. This ensures that all resources at the farm are working correctly. Choose between different communication channels – voice, SMS, email or dashboard – to get the notification to the right person at the right time.

The FarmConnector

FarmCloud has its own FarmConnector that is easy to install and can be connected to the climate or feeding controller in your farms. FarmConnectors have the ability to analyse data locally and produce notifications according to specified parameters defined by users, for evaluation criteria.

Inputs for additional measurements can also be added to include silo, water, energy and door access, for example, and outputs for additional control of things like lights can also be introduced. These measurements help FarmCloud to provide detailed costs information for your farm, such as energy, gas, water and feed consumptions, including historical consumption costs and trend projections based on recent consumptions.

Access From Anywhere, Anytime

FarmCloud is available on any smartphone, tablet or PC, using an internet connection. All information about your farms is always up to date with centralised, equalised and validated data. In addition, FarmCloud data centre infrastructure supports all data, processes and communications. Connecting the FarmConnector to your local climate and feeding controllers enables you take control over all your Farms without the need for IT investment.

Specific rules for automatic actuation routines can be created, combining criteria from information received from controllers and sensors. The built-in weekly schedule also makes it possible to schedule light or other equipment operation, which is managed with a convenient drag-and-drop interface.

The FarmCloud also lets you know exactly who did what and when. Every action deployed by users through FarmCloud is registered and logged, for procedure validation, so you can implement superior validation for critical control decisions, and guarantee that certain actions are only done with double level authorisation and authentication.

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