10 European Blockchain Startups To Watch in 2018


The startup BABB has the vision that “Everyone is a bank”. Founded in 2016, UK, BABB is revolutionizing the financial industry by using Blockchain technology. Instant and secure payments without the need for any financial institution is their main aim. Using BABB’s app, customers can send money across the world, exchange currencies, lend and borrow money and fund projects. Additionally, the startup became an FCA Authorised Payment Institution. BABB will also aim to have a banking license in the UK in August 2018, making it the first regulated blockchain bank in the world.

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Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer lending platform for small business loans using blockchain technology. Their services are available globally and independent from banks. “We allow investors to support businesses from all over the world. Using Bitbond, an investor in Germany can, for example, invest in an eBay seller living in India. For the borrower this provides access to previously capital, while the investor gets access to a fixed income asset class with an expected return of 10% p.a.” explained Chris Grundy, the Head of Marketing at Bitbond.

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Maritime freight traffic accounts for 90% of all world’s trade. This vast industry is, however, still affected by two key problems: bureaucratic inefficiency and a risk of fraud. The startup ChainGO is providing blockchain solutions for the cargo shipping industry. The company aims to accelerate the digital transformation of one of the biggest industries in the world by using blockchain technology. ChainGO was founded in 2017, in Spain.

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The startup FlexiDAO is unlocking the distributed flexibility using Blockchain. But what does this mean? In other words, FlexiDAO is creating innovative technology which enables decentralized flexible energy sources to play a role in the management of the electricity grid and provide greener energy. One of the examples are the electric vehicles which are booming at the moment. In the future, they will bring new challenges such as increased energy consumption. FlexiDAO electric charging stations are connected with their digital platforms which continuously communicate electric vehicles data and driver’s preferences which allows the balance between services and energy companies. The company was founded in 2017, in Spain.

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Another interesting field of using blockchain technology is in smart contracts where there is no need for a third party. FundRequest is a gig economy software that created a marketplace for a decentralised open source software collaboration. “Users receive monetary and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects. The funds are transferred to the solver of the issue upon successful delivery.” explained Tim Dierckxsens, Co-founder and CSO at FundRequest.io. The startup was founded in 2017, in Estonia.

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GUTS Tickets

GUTS Tickets are using blockchain technology to prevent ticket fraud and overpriced tickets. They are working against the secondary market, which is not transparent and usually a rip-off. GET Protocol, developed by GUTS Tickets, not only enables the creation and validation of tickets but also enables to (re)sell them in a controlled way while monitoring the profit. The tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to visitor’s smartphones, making fraud impossible. The startup was founded in 2018, in the Netherlands.

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Transparency is the key feature of any justice system. Founded in 2017 in Paris, the startup Kleros uses peer-to-peer justice system that’s able to solve disputes in a transparent and inexpensive way. Kleros connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the necessary skills to fairly settle them. The startup was founded in France, in 2017.

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Nakamo.to is a Berlin-based Distributed Ledger Technology company with an interest in innovative DLT systems. They focus on development of DLT solutions as well as research and education.  “Our mission, together with our partner company Blockchain AG, is to create real-world use cases and decentralize the world.” , says Leonard Dorlöchter, the Project Manager at nakamo.to. He further added that, “Blockchain has a lot of scalability problems and we are researching how can we fix that and combine best parts of every DLT out there.” The company was founded in 2017, Berlin.

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Tokenestate.io is an exchange trading platform for real estate crypto-securities. According to the startup, now anyone is able to invest in real estate. Vincent Touche, the CEO of Tokenestate.io says, “Financial crisis of 2008 showed that the financial system depends too much on the large banks, people need to place an unreasonable amount of trust in the banks. With the arrival of Blockchain technology, we finally have an alternative.” Tokenestate.io was founded in Switzerland in 2017.

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AbacasXchange is the first universal exchange using blockchain technology which allows you to trade, exchange or transfer any asset anywhere and anytime. “Nowadays, trading is mostly binary. You can choose to receive only EUR or only USD or only something else in exchange for the stock you are selling. AbacasXchange improves liquidity by Direct and Indirect trading and allows you to trade, exchange or transfer Any Asset Anywhere Anytime.” explained Stoyan Vlahovski, Community manager of Abacas.

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