Pitch Your Startup at IFA 2018

IFA is one if the leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances. In addition to well known brands such as Siemens, Amazon or Gorenje, a large number of innovative startups are here to present their products and services. StartupTV team spends the whole week at IFA2018 talking to various startups and discovering the latest technological wonders.

We broadcast live every day from Booth 319, Hall 26, introducing the most interesting ideas. The company representatives have 60 seconds to pitch the startup, followed by a question from our moderators. Let’s check them out.

Pitch Your Startup #1

1. Alissia Music

Are you tired of listening to the same music over and over? Do you want to discover something new? The blockchain-powered startup Alissia Music is an innovative music streaming service that learns about you to become your own personal DJ. The app offers its users highly personalized music recommendations combined with a nice user experience.

2. AiServe Technology

The Berlin-based startup AiServe aims to make walking around the city safe and accessible to blind people, elderly people and those with visual impairment. Gustavo Madico, the founder and CEO of AiServe, explained us how it works. The team developed a device with embedded camera that navigates people around the city using voice commands.

3. Flowrme

For those who fail to keep their houseplants alive, Flowrme came up with a solution. The startup developed a smart flower pot that takes care of your beloved plants and waters them automatically for up to one month. It also recommends an ideal spot for your plants to grow.

4. Atmotube

NotAnotherOne is a company specializing in branding, product concept, design, R&D and software development. Igor Mikhnenko, the CDO at NotAnotherOne, presented their latest product –  Atmotube. It is a portable air pollution monitor that aims to help its user to breathe cleaner air.

5. ProGlove

The Munich-based IoT startup ProGlove introduced their intelligent glove designed for today’s manufacturing and logistic industries. It allows workers to document process steps handsfree and gives them instant feedback. With ProGlove, the users can work faster, easier and especially safer.

Pitch Your Startup #2

1. Commute Time Map

Pavel Tarasenko introduced Commute Time Map – a platform that helps people to find the perfect apartment that matches their location preferences. It is design to help not only individuals, but also companies and cities to make the right location-based decisions.

2. Flyte

Flyte is a levitation technology startup that brings magic into people’s homes. Their product range includes levitating light bulb powered through the air, a planter that rotates mid air and Story – a floating clock with levitating sphere that travels around the clock in minutes, hours, and even months or years.

3. Foodly

Hannes Kübel, the founder and CEO of Foodly, introduced their innovative online grocery shopping service that aims to reduce food waste at homes. Users can choose a recipe and order all ingredients right to their doorstep. The app allows them to add some stuff on top or leave something out.

4. Online-Denkmal

Michael H. Schulze build a platform filled with personal life stories of “ordinary people”. Inspired by a fear of being forgotten, Online-Denkmal is a place where memories live for the generations to come.

Pitch Your Startup #3

1. Cell Garden

Are you looking for a way to adopt healthy lifestyle? Vegetables and fruits are losing precious nutritions due to long travel times and pesticides. Cell Garden developed a device that lets people easily grow microgreens, sprouts and active seeds on three levels.

2. Clairy

The award winning Italian startup Clairy developed a green air purifier that tackles indoor pollution. Clairy is a smart flower pot that is controlled via an app and improves the indoor air quality.

3. Lullame

Every second parent deals with baby sleeping challenges. LullaMe is a startup from Helsinki that developed a self-rocking baby mattress. It naturally soothes a tired baby giving more sleep time for the child as well as the parents.

4. MultiCast Media

The AI-powered startup Multi-Caste Media wants to make audio and video content searchable. Their engines timetag every word of one’s audio or video content, analyze it and process it to become visible for the search engine.

5. Signal-Cruncher

Berlin-based Signal-Cruncher provides real-time analyses system with the focus on Smart Buildings, Smart Energy and Smart Factory. Their AI-solution for the Internet of Things uses machine learning to learn about one’s preferences to make smart homes even smarter.

Pitch Your Startup #4

1. Lovebox

Do you often miss your loved ones? Surprise them with an original message that comes directly to the Lovebox – a communication device with a cute spinning heart that brings romance back into messaging.

2. Sensative AB

Sensative AB is a tech startup offering IoT solutions. Fredrik Westman introduced their innovative door and windows sensors. The incredibly thin and discreet stripes feature a built-in battery that lasts up to 10 years.

3. WhiteLion Agency

Lukas Kintzel is only 17 years old, but he already manage to co-found a company. WhiteLion Agency is a marketing agency that helps companies build their brands, produce premium content and much more.

4. Lovely

Want to spice-up a long distance relationship? Lovely is a wearable toy that offers personalized suggestions based on your desires. It can be operated remotely via an app that also connects to a number of sex educators and relationship experts.

5. Yolk

In some regions in Africa, people spend 10-20% of their income on electricity. The innovative solar power company Yolk presented one of their latest projects – the Solar Cow. This solar powered device charges connected power banks, so children and their parents can save time and money, instead of going to remote phone charging shops.

Pitch Your Startup #5

1. AppyParking

All busy cities face the problem of traffic congestion and parking. AppyParking is solving this problem with the ‘Signs to Lines’ Mapping which is the world’s most accurate HD kerbside maps of all the paint on the street related to traffic and parking management.

2. Familink

Need an easy way to share pictures with your family in a way even your grandparents will understand how to use? Familink is photo frame for people without internet access. With Familink, everything is simple—no menu, no complex interface, just receive and enjoy pictures.

3. Fünster

Feeling bored in your area? Funster is a location based “Pic-It-Up” bonding game. In this game users explore their current surroundings with real-time picture quests where they can receive real rewards.

4. Mitipi

Are you worried about the bulgars in your area? Don’t worry any longer with “Kevin” developed by Mitipi, is a device which simulates the presence of people in a room by emitting light, shadow effects, and sound so burglars will get scared off if they believe if someone is home.

5. Urmo

Want a way to upgrade your commute to work or school? The Urmo device is a lightweight transportation device which looks similar to the segway, but has a folding mechanism which can be folded down within two seconds into a briefcase size making it easy to take anywhere on the go.

Pitch Your Startup #6

1. Cargonexx

The Hamburg-based startup Cargonexx is simplifying the trucking industry by implementing new digital technology. Freight forwarders can assign shipments at market prices with reliable quality at the push of a button. While the carriers receive matching inquiries automatically and can look forward to fast payment.

2. Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy combines an electricity contract with smart meter data analytics to make energy transparent. The combination of real time energy visualization, device-specific consumption and value-added services based on smart meter data insights enables unique customer value.

3. Merge

Merge is pushing the the limits of augmented reality by merging the physical and digital worlds together. They have developed toys and games that come to life for ages 10 and up. Just put on their goggles and download their Merge app and you’re ready to go!

4. Rehago

Rehago offers virtual reality training services to half paralyzed people to get back to an independent life faster. Patients play motivating games, guided training, and independent exercises with the virtual reality glasses as a way of rehabilitation.

5. Sonnenrepublik

Sonnenrepublik’s mission is to make the use of solar energy available for everyone. They offer solar chargers for USB devices for smartphones, tablets, and cameras. It operates very similar to wall socket charges but this one is powered by the sun!

Pitch Your Startup #7

1. Camtoy

Camtoy is a french startup that aims to improve the daily life of domestic animals. They have developed Laika: a device which contains multiple features including on-demand recording as well as an integrated treat tosser designed to be the perfect companion for dogs.

2. Pocketalk

Pocketalk is a simple device that allows users to instantly translate up to 74 different languages to your native language and vice versa. Just tap one button, speak into the device and listen.

3. R-Pur

The French startup R-Pur, has created the an anti-pollution mask designed specifically for motorcyclists and bicyclists. This mask allows riders to breath clean air by filtering toxic particles.

4. Soflow

Want a more fun way to commute around the city? Soflow is a Swiss startup offering an array of electric transportation vehicles like bicycles, scooters, and skateboards for an ecological way of getting around your city.

5. Yomee

With the Yomee yogurt device users can customize and make the yogurts of their desire. Just pour in your favorite milk, insert your Yomee starter pod, press the button to start and you enjoy your yogurt!

Pitch Your Startup #8

1. Exchimp

Austrian startup Exchimp, developed EXCHIMP AI1—the all-in-one virtual reality headset. This device comes with pre-installed content such as games and videos out of the box. In addition users can download any VR game or app from the Google Play Store.

2. C-way

The French startup C-way, developed a smart device for parents and children from ages of 3-10. With this device parents can track their child’s location, send messages, as well as act as a scheduler for their child’s activities.

3. Happy Brush

German startup Happy Brush develops an array of dental hygiene products. They promise customers effective technology, fair prices, powerful batteries, and honest ingredients that are 100% vegan.

4. Lunii

The French startup Lunii introduces an innovative children’s storytelling device. The device allows kids to choose and combine a hero, setting and other options to each time create a unique story and boost their imagination.

5. ProTon

The German startup ProTon enables hearing-impaired people and music lovers to enjoy highly detailed sound. Tailored to the individual hearing capabilities, the technology compensates for hearing deficits and provides a whole new listening experience.

Pitch Your Startup #9

1. Zeppy

The Austrian Startup Zeppy has developed the ultimate sound speaker system made for the outdoors. The lightweight and waterproof speaker allows you listen to music while at the pool, hiking, or even sailing. It is the perfect sound buddy to bring around.

2. ChannelHub

ChannelHub aims to digitally connect consumer technology vendors to a faster and more productive way to bring innovative products to the market. They do this by enabling vendors and distributors from all over to cultivate relationships digitally that will leverage cutting edge technology with human expertise.

3. Comfash

Are you a shopaholic? Well then Comfash may be the app for you. With this app users can be inspired around fashion trends and outfits as well as use it while at the store for comparing fashion side-by-side that you wore, save mirror-selfies and get feedback for your outfit in real-time.

4. Flexound

The Finnish startup Flexound aims to enhance its customers audio experience by integrating their patented Flexound Augmented Audio module into car seats, theather seating, furniture, gaming devices.

5. viduals.net

The German startup viduals.net is a digital platform for students helping other students. Their aim is to enable students to benefit from concentrated knowledge and to find themselves in a large community sharing the same interests.

Pitch Your Startup #10

1. TipCrop

Wanting to amp up your cooking? The Startup TipCrop aims to put freshness and flavor at your fingertips by providing customers with the device to grow your own microgreens.

2. Shift

The German startup Shift produces android smartphones and tablets. The creators of Shift promise each device is created with passion for detail and love.

3. Cosmo Connected

The French startup Cosmo Connected has created the first brake light helmet for motorcyclists. This device comes equipped with visual safety, emergency calling and transmission of GPS coordinates.

4. Divacore

French startup Divacore, produces an array of audio devices including earbuds, speakers, and headphones. Their mission is to enhance your life through combining music, emotion and energy together.

5. Ebotics

The startup Ebotics is using educational robot content to teach children and teenagers how to program as well as the components around robotic technology in an easy and fun manner.

Magdalena is writing about innovations and recent investments in the startup world. Originally coming from Slovakia, Magdalena has been writing for one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and has now immersed herself into the world of startups. Her educational background in Finance and Business Informatics has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. In addition to that, she is a tech geek, passionate photographer and a lifelong dog lover.

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