FinTech Startup MintCloud Allows Users to Spend Less and Get More

  • Polish FinTech startup MintCloud is an online and in-app money management platform that helps retailers and customers shop smartly.
  • Their platform lets users control their expenses and gain access to personalised loyalty programmes without the hassle of multiple loyalty cards.
  • Control your budget, scan receipts, take advantage of loyalty schemes, and earn rewards – all in one cloud-based application.

It can often feel like money is disappearing straight from your pocket when you are not aware of your expenditure resulting from day-to-day shopping. Polish FinTech startup MintCloud aims to make users aware of their expenses with their cloud-based money-management platform. MintCloud also provides exclusive loyalty benefits to enable users to spend less and earn more.

Online and In-App Platform for Retailers and Customers

MintCloud developed a mobile consumer app that works on both iOS and Android devices as well as a web application that acts as an administration panel for the users. Via access to a single cloud, users can store data such as scanned receipts, gift cards, and loyalty points, and gain access to exclusive offers and discounts. MintCloud uses intelligent algorithms to choose the most interesting and profitable offers tailored to your preferences and location.

Retailers also benefit from the MintCloud platform by being able to create personalised offers as well as marketing and promotional campaigns for their customers. By using new technologies – such as machine learning, big data harvesting, optical character recognition, geotrapping, segmentation and profiling – MintCloud has been able to create loyalty programmes not only for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but also for the retail and FMCG industries.

Control Your Spending

MintCloud makes it easy to set and manage your budget, and lets you add specific expenses categories to see exactly where your money goes. You’ll find out what you spend the most money on and when you exceed your spending limit.

You can also exchange loyalty points that you have collected and stored in the cloud for cash or send them as a gift card. Anyone who receives your gift can use it in any MintCloud partner shop to buy anything they like. Those who would prefer to give to others can use the gift card to send their money to a chosen charity organisation, for example.

MintCloud was founded in 2015, in Warsaw, Poland, to help manage money and simplify the smart-shopping process.

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