Foodly – The Revolution in Online Grocery Shopping?

Deciding what to cook can often be daunting. How to choose from the endless number of recipes and where to get those ingredients? Foodly is an online grocery shopping app that solves this problem for you.

  • Foodly is a smart ordering platform for home cooked dishes.
  • Users can browse recipes and order all ingredients in a click.
  • The company delivers food using EDEKA’s delivery service Bringmeister.

The Smart Recipe App That Fights Food Waste

Have you ever had the problem of choosing what to cook? Eating spaghetti bolognese stops being fun after the third time in a row. Foodly, the Berlin-based startup, developed an app which brings joy back to everyday cooking.

Because cooking should be fun and stress-free, Foodly suggest a recipe for you based on your food preferences. Using the app, all ingredients from the recipes inspired by food-bloggers and hobby-chefs will be delivered fresh right to your doorsteps.

Foodly app is free to download and contains a number of delicious soups, salads or desserts recipes. But what if you have half of the suggested ingredients at home? No problem. You can leave something out, or add groceries like shampoo or sweets on top.

How it Works

After logging in, you can choose ingredients based on your dietary preferences. Vegetarian or lactose-intolerant? With just a click, the app will exclude those meals and suggest recipes based on your choice.

Users can order the ingredients for 2, 4 or 6 persons and directly see the price of the whole meal. The food will be delivered upon choosing the suitable date and time. That means that you can order and cook on the same day.

Tomato soup in two bowls on a table.

The founders promise the same prices as in EDEKA – Germany’s largest supermarket corporation – or similar stores, whereas the delivery costs the same as if ordered directly by Bringmeister.

Foodly will order the ingredients and other items for you directly from the supermarket. At the moment EDEKA’s delivery service Bringmeister delivers the groceries, but Foodly will add more delivery services soon.

From a Research Project to a Recipe App

The founder and CEO of Foodly, Hannes Kübel, graduated in industrial engineering and later with a Ph.D. in Informations Systems Management. After he had researched recommendation systems for recipes, he decided to develop a recipe app himself. Three years later, Foodly was born. The platform shares recipes from food bloggers and cooperates with as well as creates its own cooking instructions.

Foodly also participated on our Pitch Your Startup show during IFA2018. StartupTV team spent the whole week there talking to various startups and discovering the latest technological wonders.

The smart app is able to recommend recipes that not only fit your food preferences, but also the ingredients that you have already in your cart or stuff you may have at home. This supports a sustainable way of living and reduces food waste. So say goodbye to an overflowing bin and download the Foodly app to get inspired.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.


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