Auto Drive Solutions Patented Localisation System for Vehicular Guidance

The future of mobility is shaped by technology innovations. But when it comes to precise positioning, some of the widely used systems aren’t sufficient for all. GPS for instance, is only capable of meter-level positioning accuracy in ideal conditions. Auto Drive Solutions is a company that patented Radar Positioning System (RPS) for a fast and precise positioning.

How it Works

Firstly, the system encodes location information into 6mm high 3D paint drops in a way similar to Braille code. They can be printed on roads or rails. Secondly, RPS uses 4 vehicle-borne radars for reading the information encoded in the infrastructure. Each square centimetre of Earth can be coded using only 64 bits.

RPS will be on of the future standards for autonomous mobility.

– Alexandro Badolato

Finally, the sensors scan the lanes or rails, obtaining a high-detailed profile of the route. This can be used for a more reliable and accurate positioning. The reading sensors are small enough to fit in a wristwatch and offer secure and always available positioning with 1 cm accuracy.

Is Painting Road Lanes Cost-Effective?

Road lanes are usually repainted every five years. Special 3D printers are able to print 120 km of roads per night, while encoding the various codes in resistant paint drops. The paint drops can withstand the harshest weather conditions and even a snow plow clearing up a road. Once the job is done, a calibrated vehicle registers the information and generates a high-definition map. It includes information about road shape and traffic signals.

The painted roads do not only provide accurate location services but can also serve as a tool for insurance companies in a case of an accident. Auto Drive Solutions uses the plastic code markers and their patented RPS technology also for trains positioning with 1-meter accuracy. This allows trains to travel at optimal speeds reducing costs and increasing security.

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