My Boo Bicycles: Sustainable and Firm

Did you know that the world record for the fastest growing plant in the world belongs to bamboo plant? My Boo GmbH partnered with Yonso Project to turn bamboo cane into unique handcrafted bicycles. Apart from being sustainable, bamboo bikes are also incredibly comfortable to ride. The springy frames basically absorb all bumps, making them rideable on any terrain.


How Does my Boo Turns Something That is Technically a Grass Into a High-End Bicycle?

Founded in small rural town in central Ghana, my Boo carefully pics and cuts the best bamboo canes. Those are later dried and used to build  sturdy, shock-resistant frames. Although looking fragile at the first glance, the hollow bamboo crane is incredibly strong and surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect material for a bicycle frame. After the bicycles are polished to perfection, each piece is later carefully inspected in Germany ensuring a top-tier quality.

Vision statement

My Boo’s vision, however, doesn’t stop there. In addition to giving Ghanaian students a way to commute to school, together with its Ghanaian partner, the company uses their income to give Ghanaian students scholarship opportunities to further their education.  Their goal also includes to offer all kids in Ghana an easier access to education as well as generate more than 60 fair-paid jobs by 2020.


For more details, check out their website or Facebook.