Sion Car Fighting Against Fossil Fuels

All means of transportation account for more than 61% of all oil consumption worldwide. With continuously increasing automobile production, vehicles with internal combustion engines are coming to a demise. Sono Motors has a clear mission: “Protect the environment.” The young company from Munich set out to avoid the waste of finite resources and designed the first car powered by the sun—The Sion.

Solar-Powered and Available for Everyone

The scratch-free polycarbonate exterior of the electric car comes with integrated solar cells. They are capable of covering up to 30 km per day using completely renewable source of energy—the sun.

Its interior is equipped with user friendly cockpit design and unique air filtration system. Instead of classical air purifier, Sion features moss integrated in the dashboard. It doesn’t require any special care and also regulates humidity.


The Sion car costs only 16.000 € (excluding the battery) and can go 250 km on a single charge. To further reduce costs, Sono Motors allows anyone to repair their car easily and inexpensively. All customers can use their free tutorials and included manual.

For those who like to share, Sono Motors developed goSono app. It allows customers to power share with other Sion cars, as well as car-sharing with other Sion vehicles.

Connecting People

Want to earn extra money on the side and protect the environment? You can offer a ride to other customers via the goSono app or even share your car for several days while you are for example on holidays or a business trip. With only a few simple clicks, the Sion car can be used as an independent powers source and charge almost any electrical device.


For more details, check out their website or Facebook.