Will Passenger Drones Soon Fill the Skies?

Although it may seem like something from a science-fiction novel, it is only fair to assume that the world will soon undergo a radical transformation in the means of transportation.

In the largest cities, commuters face as much as 66% more travel time due to the growing congestion levels. Volocopter, a company based in Bruchsal, Germany, introduces a solution which could potentially help relieve daily urban traffic.


Simpler, Quieter and Cheaper

Volocopter 2X is a vertical take-off and landing multicopter powered by 9 high capacity batteries, making it completely emission-free. It is designed to be flown remotely, autonomously or as a manned drone. The 2-seat aircraft features a sleek design accompanied by 18 quiet rotors.


A single charge will be good for 27 km range at an optimal cruise speed of 70 km/h. Though, the aircraft is able to reach a maximum airspeed of 100 km/h. To ensure maximal safety during the flight, the multicopter is equipped with multiple support systems for flight control and stabilization as well as a full aircraft emergency parachute.

The Hub

Volocopter designed the Hub system to connect airports or business parks with city centers, hoping to relieve urban congestions. The hub is a flowing system which passengers land and they are then transported into the building. It should be able to process up to 10.000 passengers daily. The company has a prosperous vision of “making every human’s dream of flying come true and to help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues”.

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For more details, check out Volocopter’s website or Facebook.